Carbon Combat 1.5.0

This version of Carbon Combat is the official "bug squasher" release and manages to squash about 75% of the bugs and random glitches you've reported to me! (there were over 50 different bug reports over the past month). I'm still working on the rest and adding some really awesome new features that I'm sure you'll love. Also, the official forum is now open to the public, so be sure to join and post away!

Change Log
- Braking systems now are physics based (you can't stop in mid-air anymore)
- Bots are more intelligent and shoot randomly instead of right at you depending on the number currently pursuing you
- Bots can now shoot you underwater
- Gun no longer freezes if you are aiming at someone and they disconnect
- Server list now has a game type slot
- Joining server function now re-attempts automatically
- Server list now has alternating background rows
- Gun no longer disappears when switching servers
- Cars should be less laggy over the network and much more responsive
- Driving forwards is slower than driving backwards
- Rockets and lasers now do double damage
- Driving over the terrain now does a lot less damage
And more that I can't recall...

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