The Barn - An Environment Demo

Hello everyone! This is yet another one of my creations: an old barn in the middle of an abanoned field. This is what I call an "environment demo" where the models and overall ambience of the scene is featured (instead of some fancy programming stuff :P). The barn was 100% made by me (including the textures). Below are some stats and the demo link powered by UniEmbed.

Snapshot of Scene

Click to Enlarge

Number of tris for barn: 8,618
RGBA Maps: 2
Lightmapped: Yes
Total time spent on project: 3 days (including modeling and making the overall demo)

Webplayer Demo
Turning your sound on is highly recommended for this demo (scene ambience)*

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD to move | Mouse to look

[The Barn Demo, 800*500, white, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4704910/TheBarn/TheBarn.unity3d]

*viewing this demo with sound may cause you to go into shock xD


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