About the Developer

First of all, welcome to In the Works! I hope your visit on my blog has been fun and exciting. This development blog is my personal creation showcase and is part of my larger company CarbonTech Software, which develops dashboard widgets for the Mac as well as Unity3d content. CarbonTech Software was founded by me - the president and CEO - two years ago. Since then my company has continued to evolve and innovate, creating many popular dashboard widgets such as DashNotes and FeedBank. In the winter of last year I began playing Mars Explorer, a fun multiplayer game that allowed the custom creation of worlds via the Unity3d game engine. After creating numerous worlds, I eventually began to expand my horizon by creating my own Unity3d games. Approximately three to four months has passed since then, and I feel I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge in all areas of game development.

Name: [undisclosed]
Age: [undisclosed]
Gender: Male
Location: Hawaii, USA
Bio: A 3d modeler, programmer, and blogger who works with the Unity3d game engine to produce high quality interactive environments.

Other Info
Mars Explorer Username: Achilles
Unity Forum Username: CarbonTech Software
Primary Email Adress: admin@carbontechsoftware.com

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