Off-road Buggy

During my free time yesterday I decided to take a shot at designing a rugged off-road buggy loosely based off of the current Mars Explorer buggy. I'm pleased to say that it turned out quite nice. Below are some specs and information.

Update: I finished creating a webplayer demo as well as a simple turntable render of the buggy.


Demo Webplayer
To play the demo, please click the link below. You must have the Unity Webplayer plugin installed; you will be prompted to do so by the webplayer before it loads. See our Unity Webplayer page for more information.

Character Controls: WASD or arrow keys to drive 

Weight: ~500 pounds (0.25 tons)
Top Speed: ~65 mph on bumpy terrain
Armament: None at the moment (will carry light to moderate gauge weapons in CC)
Dimensions: 2.1m by 1.3m by 3m

With dual shocks on each wheel system, this vehicle is designed to provide maximum agility and stability over bumpy terrain. Its independent steering system enables it to make quick turns rendering it highly maneuverable. Due to it's relatively small size and build, the buggy is only able to carry smaller armaments (light machine guns, mini-missiles, flares, etc.).

Some renders of the buggy in modo 401 (click specific images to enlarge). Enjoy!


Bongoro7 said...

LOVE the buggy, HATE the tank. Buggy is awesome, super defined, very detailed. The tank... Bleh. Needs plenty of work.

Buggy = pwn.

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