Carbon Combat Alpha 1.4.3

In a little over 2 weeks the Kongregate Unity contest deadline will be here! I'm working furiously on Carbon Combat and I just wanted to share with you the latest update. This version includes many of the features you've probably been anticipating as well as numerous bug fixes (thank you to all the people who sent me bug reports :D). Some of the major features include an in-game GUI facelift designed to maximize screen real-estate while maintaining the same functionality, and a game round system with individual player scores! Below is more or less what was changed from the last version:

Version Change-Log
- Sleek new sliding and hiding GUI to maximize screen space
- New rounds system that supports team-deathmatch battles
- New hover and chat feature; allows you to chat and hover at the same time (hold down space and then press enter to use)
- Fixed the lasers not doing damage to opponents
- Improved laser collision detection (lasers don't go through objects anymore)
- Fixed cloaking enabling and disabling glitch
- Fixed fire while switching weapons glitch
- Fixed smoke particle shader (now blends correctly with world fog)
- Fixed rocket smoke particles (now dissipates into the air nicely - thanks Christian4Mac!)
- Fixed guest name glitches for chat and badges

A quick demo video showcasing the new and improved GUI and game scoring (game time purposely set to 50 seconds for demonstration).

» Download Standalone Player (Mac + PC)


Anonymous said...

whenever i click the link to download it says "dropbox error 404" please do something

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