Jet Boat Tech Demo

The jet boat leaving a foamy wake behind it.
This tech demo features a streamlined jet boat designed by Flyman (from Mars Explorer) surrounded by a large expanse of water. Some red and green lit buoys aimlessly drift along in the darkness of the night. Land masses partially obscured from view are visible in the distance.

In the demo there are many new things I have been experimenting with lately. One of more notable is better indie water with fake reflections (for both the sky and boat). Below is a list of some of the features included in this demo:

- Fake indie water reflections
- Realistic water physics
- Random buoy generation on scene start
- Buoy LOD (level of detail) system
- Scrolling minimap (minimap camera does not move)
- Optimized projector headlights to light up buoys
- Dynamic particle wake

Demo Webplayer
To play the demo, please click the link below. You must have the Unity Webplayer plugin installed; you will be prompted to do so by the webplayer before it loads. See our Unity Webplayer page for more information.

Vehicle Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys to drive.
Camera Controls: Click + drag to orbit, scroll-wheel (two fingers for Macs) to zoom.

» Click Here to Play Demo


Geek377 said...

Seems pretty nice. I love the water and model itself. The one con I found is this was the control was either too responsive or unresponsive. So 2 stars for model, 2 stars for the effects and .5 point for like-ability.

CarbonTech Software Admin said...


I updated the handeling from when I last showed it to you. It's a lot easier to steer where you want it to go and much more realistic.

Infosmania said...

Very good job! Is it possible to download sources?

Anonymous said...

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